Screenshots of the preferences dialog

This image shows the first tab of the preferences dialog. This is central user interface to configure Interest.

The first tab allows to configure some general properties like

  • the default root directory where all the files should be put in
  • the date format for input and display
  • a rule, how the filename of new files should be built
  • if prices should be shown in the transaction window by default
  • if the "Tip of the day" should be display at startup

Main Window
In the second tab you can specify account and portfolio files, which should be autoloaded at startup time.
Main Window
The third tab is for configuration of import patterns. There are some predefined patterns shipped with Interest, e.g. to fetch stock prices from Yahoo.
Main Window
To configure default colors for charts, you can use this preferences tab.
Main Window
Here you can specify, which columns should appear in the investment report.
Main Window

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