Screenshot of the Main Window

This image shows the main window with two stocks - General Electric and Cisco Systems - and one mutual fund from Magellan. The stocks are grouped in an portfolio named Stocks and the fund belongs to a portfolio Mutual Funds. Portfolios can also contain portfolios again, as you can see with the main portfolio US Example.

Additionally, the Down Jones and Nasdaq Composite index are put in an Benchmarks folder as virtual accounts which have only prices inside. These are used for comparison charts.

On the right side, there are the transaction details for the selected node in the tree. In this case, all the transactions for General Electric are shown. E.g., you can see a Buy transaction there. In this case 100 shares were ordered for 34.80 currency units (there is no real currency support yet). There is also a dividend transaction, where the company distributed a quarterly dividend of 0.19 per share.

All the other lines, you can see, are price transactions. This means, they affect the value - not the structure - of the accounts and are useful for reports and charts.

Main Window

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