Interest History

The following contents can be also found in the NEWS file in the interest distribution.

Version 0.9.4

- New parameters for interest calculation:
  + which day of a period to considere for calculation (first or last)
  + which periods to take (from change to change or each change to end)
  + new day-count conventions and fixed the others
  + IRR now uses the fixed and real Actual/Actual day-count convention
  + File format slightly changed w.r.t. interest calculation
- Support for "benchmark accounts": accounts, that may only contain prices
  and are treated a little bit different in reports and charts.
- Added support to spawn a new investment report based on selected rows of
  the old one
- Improved treatmeant of account load problems
- We have an application icon now (a fat money sack)
- Synchronize examples with new features (benchmark accounts)
- Smart error reporting for soft errors: error messages are stored in an
  error buffer and are displayed when the account/portfolio should be saved
- New action "Show file content"
- Lots of cleanup measures
- More tooltips
- Fixed quoting problems in CSV output
- and lots of other small bug fixes and usability enhancements

Version 0.9.3

- Transaction multiplier
- In the chart window, the columns of the trend list are configurable now
- Better support of benchmark accounts (contain only price entries)
- Period handling completely rewritten
- Daycount-convention caclulation was faulty in some scenarios
- Calculation of the first IRR value was wrong in some cases
- Bring examples in sync with web page screenshots
- Lots of small fixes and usability enhancements

Version 0.9.2

- It is now possible to administrate rates of interest for an account.
  This is especially useful for cash equivalent investments, such as money
  market accounts and money market funds, where the rate of interest is not
  fixed. In this case, the calculation of the expected earned interest is
  a difficult task. There is now an interest calculator, where you can
  calculate your currently accumulated interest based on the administrated
  rates. A set of different day-count conventions are supported, too.
- Fix CSV output, if values contain commas
- Fixed some problems detected by valgrind

Version 0.9.1

- Charts now have a scaling mode (raw - i.e. unchanged as now, percentage
  and indexed), at the moment only for price transaction.
  This makes it possible to compare price charts of two different accounts
  or to compare a percentage price with the corresponding total return chart
  which shows the cost average effect nicely.
- There are now new, better and commented examples and a button in the
  file open dialog to be able to access them easily. Suggestions for
  enhancing the examples are highly appreciated.
- More currect currency outputs (value, cost, etc.) by rounding to given
- More optimizations for IRR calculation.
- New tips and glossary entry for "interest" itself added.
- Bugfixes: a possible crash is fixed

Version 0.9.0

- Chart dialog completely redesigned for more flexibility: there is now
  a chart configuration dialog, which allows to turn more knobs.
  With this version, arbitrary accounts and portfolios can be combined
  to a chart and the chart color can be changed. Next versions will
  add more features like comparing charts.
- CSV export of the chart data sheet added.
- Introduced a "global shares factor" in the account properties. This is
  useful, e.g., if you own only 50% of the investment, and can be also
  misused to have an investment in another currency with a fixed price
  against the base currency, e.g. DEM <-> Euro.
- New popup menuitem "Remove inactive entries" in investment report, which
  automatically deletes lines with no activity in the calculation period.
- More robust IRR calculation, especially for extreme values
- Two new import scripts for getting historical stock prices from
- Lots of cleanups and fixes in core code.
- Doxygen documentation started
- Some fixes: e.g., giving files in the command line should work now

Version 0.8.0

- Added support to be able to ship binary archives. It is now possible to give
  the base installation directory by the environment variable INTEREST_BASE.
- Redesigned handling of ratedata and datasets for charts and reports. Now
  display of reports is much, much faster: only the needed data is calculated.
- Display buy and sell transactions in charts (using small and ugly balloons).
- New persistent configuration option: show prices in transaction list
- It is now possible to look at the last committed changes now (if the backup
  file exists)
- Enhanced detection of ambiguous transactions, accessible by a context
  sensitive popup menu inside transaction view window.
- Better drawing of two distinct charts, if they start at different times.
- Added 10 user attributes to a account object and dropped the member
  "Alternative Symbol" instead. These values are now treated as User
  Attribute 0. The user attributes can be freely defined and used for import
  and file name completion.
  As a consequence, imports which use the placeholder for the alternative
  symbol won't work anymore with 0.8.0. Replace "%A" with "%A0" in this case.
  Also account files, once written with 0.8.0, cannot be read with an older
  version of interest again. So maybe it's the right time for a backup...
- Added a script for import from teletext
- Export of reports and diaries is now possible in CSV format.
- Moved to DocBook/XML for the tutorial

Version 0.7.4

- Reorganized saving of accounts and portfolios to catch "Disk full" errors
- Fixed crash in import dialog under certain circumstances
- Fixed import parsing (now the QuoteMonster filter should work)
- Removed two obsolete import scripts:
  interest.import: price import can be done directly now
  stockwatch.mail.import: this portal does not exist anymore

Version 0.7.3

- Tip of the Day (more tips are needed)
- Support for import patterns without delimiters like YYYYMMDD.
  You may now pass an optional number directly after the per cent sign,
  which specifies the length of the corresponding replacement. In the
  example above this would be '%4y%2m%2d'.
- Started a repository of standard filters (without scripts), which can
  be accessed from the Preferences>>Import dialog. Right now we have
  Interest(itself), XInvest, MetaStock and QuoteMonster (latter two
  from Ed Waldron).
- Import process logging is now more meaningful
- Tutorial documentation fixes (also by Ed Waldron)

Version 0.7.2

- Started support for XML: diaries and reports are now exported as
  XML files. There are also some experimental style sheets and XML schemas
  in the new xml subdirectory. Don't rely on the XML format for now. Maybe
  you want to experiment a little bit, too. If you have some useful
  style-sheet, please send for inclusion.
- The default filename for a new account can be configured in the global
  preferences (suggested by Ed Waldron).
- Tooltips for general preferences added.
- Better support for "Show changes...", if there is no GNU diff installed.
- Fixed some minor, but annoying bugs, most of them introduced in 0.7.1.

Version 0.7.1

- There is now a common unchangeable root tree node called "interest";
  all nodes can only be children of this root node, there are no orphans
  anymore. This simplified the tree handling code a lot.
- Transaction list can now be sorted by date, type and special flags (dirty,
  ambiguous) by clicking on title buttons; reorganized transaction management
  to support this
- Management of all children windows (except of modal dialogs): there is no a
  "Windows" menu with a list of all active subwindows (ordered by type);
  the desired window can be raised
- Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 0.7.0

- Major reorg: Real support for multiple instances of one account/portfolio
  by managing a reference list in a node cache.
- Progress bar now placed right of status line at the bottom of main window
  (not an own window anymore)
- Support for a valid period to filter price imports
- Changed colors of some listboxes
- Enhanced support for command line
  o Usage/help display (even without X11 running)
  o Support for command line parameters --help, --version and --debug
    (latter replaces debug activation by environment variable)
  o Optional list of account/portfolio files can be passed on command line
- added two new icons to toolbar for searching and made all icons
  8-bit-display friendly
- import updated
- More code cleanup
- Minor fixes (transient windows, MMDDYYYY date format)
- moved common gtk call sequences into utility functions and used them

Version 0.6.1

- Further reorganizations
  o Logging is now really conditional and should improve the performance a
    little bit
  o Better function names
  o Improved performance in handling of list sizes
  o Fixed some problems with invalid accounts
- Enhanced statusbar with a popup menu and display of the last 100 messages
- Import scripts now use our own execution code (no popen anymore)
- .interestrc now creates a backup before being overwritten
- Autoload and Import Filter list are reorderable now
- Ambiguous transaction checking now also looks for 0.0 prices
- Lots of minor fixes

Version 0.6.0

- Major internal changes:
  o use GDate instead of our own proprietary "days since epoch" format
- New feature "Show current changes" which shows the changes done in the
  current account/portfolio in a diff-like output
- A glossary is now available in the "Help" menu
- Fixed IRR calculation so it doesn't block in the approximization routines:
  if we make no progress after a fixed number of calculations, the best value
  so far is taken
- Checks if rate data could be calculated in InChartDlg and InReportDlg
- New predefined date range "This week".
- Lots of minor fixes and enhancements

Version 0.5.3

- Moved lots of functionality of report dialog into generic superclass widget
  InGenRepDlg. As a result we now have additional functionality in InDiaryDlg,
  o sorting of the CLists by clicking on the column title
  o the same popup menu as in Report with export, remove and visibility
- The report columns are now configurable in the preferences dialog
- Lots of minor fixes and enhancements

Version 0.5.2

- Report and Diary now behave similar to chart dialog: there is a date range
  input area on the top and you can recalculate the data depending on that
  without closing and opening again
- More transient sub-dialogs
- Loading account data should be a little bit faster now
- Minor bugs fixes and improvements: Fixed wrong axis labels in chart dialog,
  disable file entry field in import dialog if a file is not passed to import
  scripts, sensitivity of "Save All" toolbar button and menu item

Version 0.5.1

- Sub dialogs are transient now, which is very friendly to users with
  auto-raise window managers
- Added "change to home or interest root directory" buttons to file dialogs
- "Save All" menu item and toolbar button is also sensitive now
- Some bugs fixed: path_make_relative(), two memory leaks

Version 0.5.0

- Some major code reorganizations: use generic super classes for Report/Diary,
  for Log Window/Help Window and for generic input dialogs; reference counting
  for transactions
- Try to respect 80 chars per line at most
- New dialog: a transaction diary where a chronological list of transactions
  of multiple accounts can be viewed
- Possibility to rename/move an account file inside a repository
- Improved error message boxes and more statusbar usage
- Fixed again enabling/disabling of node popup menu items and main menu items
- New main menu "Edit" with some new items in it: especially a "Find in tree"
- New subdirectory docs with a LyX generated SGML tutorial (text and html
  versions are also available); the text version is displayed in help menu

Version 0.4.3

- Added a "Save All" toolbar button
- Fixed some memory leaks and improved user-friendliness
- Enhanced popup menu in Report with "hide column" and preliminary export

Version 0.4.2

- We now have a toolbar (icons are stolen from gnome-stocks - thanks tigert!)
- Popup menu started for reports (remove lines for now)
- Improved error handling with multiple imports and robustness
- Input of two-digit years is possible now
- Fixed spelling

Version 0.4.1

- Switched to CVS to be prepared for moving source to
  if there is any demand
- Filled ChangeLog and NEWS with life
- Support for some treeview selection patterns in action menu

Version 0.4.0

- Prepared for the first public release: Now the time is over to just hack
  and see what happens, I know I have to take care to keep this updated.
  I'll do my very best!

Version 0.3.7

- compiled everything with -pedantic -> changed date mapping types to guint
- switch on tracing by environment variable is now possible
- lots of minor and cosmetic fixes
- renamed scripts from filter_* to *.import

Version 0.3.6

- new widget InLogWin: is a log window
- new filter for stockwatch daycharts
- go back from GString to char* where it's possible (much faster)
- optional logging support for price import 
- passed, failed and total lines can now be reported at import
- support for dirty flag with configuration (with check before quit)
- horizontal grid lines for the value scale in charts
- stacked zooming support in charts

Version 0.3.5

- Split off path utility functions into path.c - now also includes path caching
- Node path is always absolute from now - simpler code
- path_make_relative() looks for parent dir at first - then root dir
- Enhanced logging: better output, more trace flags, printf->ut_log
- Support for "today" date range
- InFileEntry now has support for a different directory to start
- Pixmaps are now cached - faster output
- make InActionItem more mature
- try to not refresh the transaction list so often
- InChartDlg: Display a hidden panel in the notebook so the resizing is avoided
- InNewDlg now understands CR activation
- more tooltips
- reload works in menu bar
- make treeview more keyboard-aware
- example subdirectory

- parsing of import filter from rc file fixed
- calculation of fees in ratedata was incorrect
- lots of memory leaks (InFileDlg, ToolTips, ...)
- fixed node list reference problem with InChartDlg
- treeview order calculations

Version 0.3.4

- Split transaction handling from transaction array handling
- Rewritten file parser: a word is a word or limited by '"';
  also speedup by hash functions to avoid expensive string compares
- Support for internal and external paid fees
- Use of gtk_signal_connect_object removes some one-line functions
- Modality of dialogs moved into the object files itself
- Improved InFileDlg (only dirs, save as suggestion
- Consistency check for a list of accounts
- Improvements in import configuration: bigger window, modality,
  read information from import tool and make it as a default
- Sensitivity for InNewDlg
- Added a help menu with about item
- Two new import filters: for and interest account files

Version 0.3.3

- account: real support for accounts which are shared with other owners
- optimized #include directives
- catch saving portfolio when account still has no path
- suggest filename for account/portfolio in "Save As..." dialog
- more tooltips (especially for difficult import)

Version 0.3.2

- Major change: now drag'n'drop for the treeview is working
- Cleanup: pass range_t value instead of reference, use macros
- Bug fixes:
  o NULL pointer dereference in pf_load()
  o Memory leak in rt_merge
  o Switch account/portfolio now finished in InNewDlg
- InFileDlg now is only getting a filename and is now in the widget dir
- Enhanced action.c functions to a real GtkObject called InActionItem for
  o Loading a file
  o Importing prices for a list of files
  o Saving a bunch of files (including "Save As...")
- Started to include tooltips
- Started a TUTORIAL, README and AUTHORS file

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