Interest is a simple easy-to-use financial management system for personal invests from stocks, mutual funds to ordinary bank accounts with a constant interest rate.

It has lots of features that I expect from a private investment tool. You can keep all changes of your investing inside this tool (storing is based on human-readable files at the moment). It has some basic chart and reporting features, extendable price importing capabilities and a tree-like management of accounts.


Interest is only available as a source distribution at the moment. You can download it at SourceForge. If you want to volunteer as binary package manager, then get in contact with me.


The build process is GNU configure based and should work without problems, if the following prerequisites are satisfied:

  • Any well-behaved UNIX. The system of my choice is Linux.
  • X Window System
  • GTK 1.2.6 or higher

Contact Information

For any questions, suggestions, bug reports or patches, please use the public forums, hosted at Sourceforge, or contact me personally. I am very interested in any feedback.

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